The Tarot of Bones Paperback Book (International)





Divination with cast or fire-cracked bones is an ancient art, stretching back thousands of years into our history; its younger cousin, the tarot, enjoys greater popularity than ever. The Tarot of Bones combines the nature-inspired symbolism of animals with the tarot’s well-loved archetypes to create an unparalleled divination set for the 21st century. Each card features an assemblage created from bones and other natural and reclaimed materials. Self-published by Lupa of

This listing is for the companion book; the deck is available to order here in the shop. Book is 156 pages with full color paperback cover and black and white illustrations, 6″ x 9″. Please indicate in the order notes when you check out if you would like the signature personalized. Will be shipped international priority flat rate in a padded envelope.

Thank you for your purchase! Your friendly neighborhood Lupa really appreciates it!

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