Get Your Cards Read

Would you like a reading with the Tarot of Bones®? I have been practicing divination for over twenty years, and I offer several spreads with this deck of my creation. I can read for a specific situation or question, or I can do a general reading and see what comes up. Please read all the information on this page before buying a reading.

To buy a reading, please go to the Tarot of Bones shop here.

Here are descriptions of the spreads available:

Single card draw: Just what it sounds like, one card to briefly sum up your situation.

Three card draw: One each for past, present and future.

Five card draw: This is my oldest spread, combining traits of the five elements (including spirit) and the five directions (including center).

Five Classes Spread: This spread is based on the five classes of vertebrate–fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. It’s especially good for coming-of-age experiences or other rites of passage where you’re reflecting on how far you’ve come.

Horse Spread: An eight-card spread of my own design meant to be a look at your overall situation.

Wolf Pack Spread: An eight-card spread of my own design, especially good for looking at the relationships of all sorts in your life (not just romantic!)

Celtic Cross: A classic, this ten-card spread is quite versatile.

Due to my schedule, please allow up to a week for online readings. (I’m generally a lot quicker about getting the reading done!) The results will be emailed to the address your payment came from, unless you make other arrangements; if you would like to pay by check or money order or arrange an in-person reading, please contact me. Your reading will be kept entirely private. In the event I will be out of town or otherwise have notice of something that will delay your reading, I will contact you through the email address provided. If you are in or near Portland, OR or Long Beach, WA we can do an in-person reading; please contact me to schedule an appointment. I am also available for reading at events; please contact me for details.

If you would like a monthly five-card reading (which can be done in person if you’re in Portland, or via email otherwise), you can sign up for the $20 package at my Patreon account. This is a 20% discount, since the five card reading is normally $25–and you still get access to other perks like the Patron-only feed and the monthly totem profile!

For entertainment purposes only. Should not be considered professional mental health counseling or other medical treatment, or a replacement thereof.

To buy a reading, please go to the Tarot of Bones shop here.