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The Tarot of Bones® is a work in progress. Initiated on the first of January, 2015, it is an ambitious project that will require a lot of time, effort and resources on my part. Because I will be using crowdfunding later in 2015 to help finance its creation and completion, I want to be as transparent about my progress as possible. Here’s my projected schedule, which I’ll do my best to keep updated. (Last updated 10 October, 2016)

January 2015 – Unveil the Tarot of Bones as a concept

February-March 2015 – Create a mock-up of a sample card, both to test the design and have something nifty to show for promotional purposes. (Note: final card details, like borders and text, may change)

April – May 2015 – Initial crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo  – we raised over $10,000 for the Tarot of Bones–woohoo!!!!

End of 2015 – Deadline for completing all 78 assemblage pieces for the Tarot of Bones. I will be working steadily on these throughout 2015; I have to complete 6 1/2 pieces per month to meet this deadline, and I’m going to try to get out ahead of that, particular once festival season starts in summer. The final card, the Lovers, was completed on December 30, 2015!

January 2016 – Send the Tarot of Bones book to an independent editor (I will be self-publishing the book); it will likely go through multiple editing sessions throughout spring. The Tarot of Bones book manuscript was delivered to editor on December 31, 2015!

March – April 2016 – a second IndieGoGo campaign (which you can find right here!) will be held to allow people who missed out on the first campaign to help raise funds for the final printing and shipping costs for the deck and book; the initial campaign paid for the substantial materials cost and other expenses, and while some is left it’s not enough to cover the remaining costs on its own. Also, working on edits of the Tarot of Bones manuscript that were received in February. We raised $5,800–thank you so much!!!!!!!

April – August 2016 – have a photographer take photos of the assemblages for the final card art; do final card designs and layout to prepare for printing  The last few photos/re-takes were completed in late October!

August 2016 – test proofs of interior of Tarot of Bones bookyou can see pictures here!

End of October 2016 – Have proofs of the 79 cards, card back and tuck box ready to send to the printers for approval Sent to the printer on 25 October, 2016! They estimate I should have the decks in hand late January or the first half of February! Check out photos of the sample deck the printers sent me here!

End of 2016 – Complete the cover and last edits of interior for the Tarot of Bones book so I can upload it to CreateSpace and order copies in time for the deck to arrive!–As of 11-21-16 the cover is done, the interior is done, and I’m just waiting a couple more weeks in case anyone has any last-minute name changes in the thank you section before I upload the final manuscript to CreateSpace! And as of 1-15-17 I have uploaded the book files to CreateSpace and am waiting for a printed proof to show up later this week. If the proofs are good, I’ll order the books.

Early 2017 – Publication and release of the first printing of the Tarot of Bones deck and book, begin shipping out IndieGoGo orders and then preorders! – the deck arrived in late February upon which I began shipping preorders!

Two years and two months since I began this endeavor, and the Tarot of Bones is a reality! Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen 🙂

6 thoughts on “Production Schedule

  1. Torhalla says:

    I love this idea and hope I can afford a reward level that includes the deck and book when the IndieGoGo is up and running. Good luck, they’re going to be so unique.

    • lupa says:

      Thank you 🙂 It’ll be going up April 7; if you want faster notifications, sign up for my updates here on the right sidebar of the website.

  2. Elendûr says:

    Any ballpark estimate on pricing for the cards & book? I ask because I am just starting out on my career path & want to earmark enough money for 3 sets. As soon as I saw the first assemblages, I **knew** that Tarot of Bones is the tarot set for me; it continues to draw & speak to me as no other deck has ever done.

    • lupa says:

      The IndieGoGo special deals ranged from $30-$40 shipped for the sets; however, that was a special pre-order deal. I am guessing (and this could change) the final cost for a deck and book together will be in the $50? range, but again that’s ballpark. Decks alone will be less, but I’ll have to see my final printing costs.

      • Elendûr says:

        Thank you for your reply. Whatever the price, your work is worth it. It’s unfortunate I couldn’t help with the campaign but things are turning around & I am loving the assemblage pieces.

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