THE SAMPLE DECK IS HERE!!!! Pardon the not-great pics; with all the lights and darks in the colors it’s damned hard to get a good shot of the whole deck together, and I was too excited to take the time to poke at it in GIMP much. But isn’t it BEAUTIFUL? I am so, so, so happy and it feels like all the work over the past two years has been totally worth it! I’ve okayed the print run, and we’re still on track for me to have the decks in hand in February.

Aaaaand you can still preorder the deck and book at too! If you have any issues preordering, please contact me at lupa.greenwolf(at)gmail(dot)com.

4 thoughts on “THE SAMPLE DECK IS HERE!!!

  1. Sam Lakin says:

    Lupa, what a beautiful work of art!!! I’m so stoked to receive my set and get to working with these beauties! You should be as proud as a peacock!!
    )O (

    • lupa says:

      Thank you so much!!!! I am really pleased; it’s so much better than I initially envisioned 🙂 Can’t wait to get the rest of the decks so I can send them out!

  2. Jennifer Farah says:

    I can not wait to have this set in my hands!!! Coming along nicely Lupa.

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