A Quarter of the Way Done! (Two of Cups)


Woohoo! With the nineteenth assemblage piece, I am half a piece of artwork away from being caught up for March! This also means I am about a quarter of the way done, since 78 divided by 4 is 19.5. And I’m already working on the twentieth piece which, if not done by the end of March, will be completely shortly into April.

The Two of Cups is a lovely card to work with. It’s all about love and relationships and mutual attraction, whether sexual in nature or not. It’s about the close bond that can form between people, and I feel it represents the best of what we have to offer as a species. It’s also the union of opposites, finding the places where we connect rather than oppose. In the Rider-Waite-Smith card, a caduceus symbolizes this balancing factor, and I deliberately chose ball python ribs as a nod to that serpentine symbol.

This was a fun piece to work with, structurally speaking. It was a originally a children’s toy that made car noises (until it was broken, anyway) that I pulled out of a thrift store last-chance bin. I removed the extraneous electronics and other components and used the old circuit board as the back of the piece. Because the circuitry was a bit raised and still showed through the paint, i added the burlap to obscure it and add some texture to the piece.

In other news, I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the IndieGoGo campaign for the Tarot of Bones! I have lots of awesome perks for y’all to choose from starting April 7. And I’ve been working with my videographer to polish up the video for the campaign (and there are rumors of a possible blooper reel…) Just a week and a half to go before all is revealed!

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