Ramping Up Promotion!

I’ve started the big promotional push leading up to the IndieGoGo campaign that starts on April 7. I’ve already been passing out promotional postcards all over the place since the beginning of the year–I’ve given out almost 1000 so far, placed in coffee shops and pagan stores, sent off with Etsy orders and handed to folks at events. (Good thing they’re printed on recycled paper!) If you own a shop or other venue, or know of such a place or event, where a few of these could be placed, please let me know.

I’ve also produced a formal press release for general media use; I have a separate one in the works for local media. The general purpose one is here in PDF form; please pass it on to any pagan, tarot or other appropriate media contact you feel may be interested.

I’m also excited to announce that there will be an official campaign party here in Portland! It’ll be at Paxton Gate (4204 N. Mississippi) on Friday, April 10 from 6pm – 8pm. More details forthcoming, but for now we can say that there’ll be free snacks and wine, some of the original assemblage pieces will be on display so folks can finally see them in person, and we’ll have a laptop set up so attendees can back the campaign via IndieGoGo.

If you want to see the pieces earlier, look for some of them in the art show at the Northwest Tarot Symposium this weekend! I’ll also be vending at the event, so feel free to come say hi 🙂

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