Progress Continues With the Nine of Pentacles


I’ve wasted no time in getting back to work now that I’m home! Here’s the Nine of Pentacles, the 33rd assemblage completed! It’s a wonderful card, signifying that your hard work is coming to fruition and you can enjoy the results of all that effort. I certainly hope this card will be prominent in my life next year when the Tarot of Bones is released; it’s been a labor both of love and creativity, and I allowed myself to appreciate my progress so far. Speaking of that, I’m just six cards away from being halfway done with the assemblages, and it’s still six weeks away from the midway point of the year! I’m aiming to have those six pieces done by the end of May, which would put me a full month ahead of schedule. I really am enjoying this project, and I can’t wait to hold the final deck and book in my hands.

Speaking of that, I already posted this morning about the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign being over $9,000–but here’s another quick reminder. Just five days left!

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