The Queen of Cups, Enthroned


I’ve been busy with a lot of volunteer work this weekend, but I managed to complete the Queen of Cups last night. I’ve chosen the carpet python to symbolize this card. Snakes have almost specialized their ribs as much as the red slider turtle who represents the King of Cups, and in the same way the Queen of Cups has deep control of her emotions as well. Additionally, a snake’s ability to sense vibrations mirrors this card’s tendency toward sensitivity, especially toward things that may be under the surface. But what about the python’s deadly hug? That surely doesn’t reflect the Queen’s notable compassion! Well, not exactly. But Carpet Python invites us to feel compassion toward all beings, including those that may make us feel uncomfortable, like snakes!

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One thought on “The Queen of Cups, Enthroned

  1. Rachel says:

    Elegant and natural and beautiful!

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