The Star Shines Brightly–On Raccoons


When people design animal-based tarot cards, they often save the most magnificent megafauna for the Major Arcana. I like to buck the system a bit here and there. So for the Star, I decided the humble, resourceful, and often scrappy raccoon was the perfect symbol. No, they can’t fly, and I’ve yet to see one pouring water into a pond. But the Star is the comeback after the Tower’s tragedies, and there are few vertebrate critters more adaptable than the raccoons. Even after their natural habitat has been plowed up and paved over, they not only survive but thrive, taking advantage of the shelters and food we unwittingly provide them. So I decided that this raccoon skull, staring rapturously up at a glorious silver star, carried that promise of renewal and gumption that this card represents to me.

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