Two Weeks And Counting…


Hey all! Just a friendly reminder that the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign ends in TWO WEEKS, on May 19! You know what’s awesome, though? As of today, it’s 165% funded! That’s right–this IndieGoGo campaign, which I originally set to raise $5,000 for materials, is currently at $8,245. It’s been four weeks since I began the campaign, and I STILL can’t believe it’s done so well. Thank you a million times.

But we’re not done yet! We still have two weeks to hit the next two stretch goals. In just another $755 we’ll reach $9,000, which unlocks an exclusive Tarot of Bones online class via Livestream just for IndieGoGo contributors, to be held once the deck and book are out and you have them in your hot little hands. And if we really want to dream big, we still have time to get to $12,000, at which point I’ll add an audio version of the Tarot of Bones book to my list of things to do. And hey, if we blast past that marker, I’ll just have to think of something even better to offer as a new stretch goal! And all that money is going to help me stay on track with the Tarot of Bones production schedule–as soon as I get the deposit (minus IndieGoGo and Paypal fees) I’ll be able to order the materials I need to complete the rest of the assemblages.

In the meantime I’ll be continuing to work on the assemblage pieces; I got slowed down a bit the past few days due to a lot of out-of-studio time, but I’m back and ready for more art!

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