Halfway Done!!! And the Knight of Pentacles Rejoices!


Last night I finished up the Knight of Pentacles–which means that I am officially halfway through the 78 assemblages for the Tarot of Bones! AND I’m a month ahead of my production schedule! Woohoo!!!!!!! many thanks to everyone who’s been cheering me on as I’ve continued this Great Work; you make everything easier, you know that?

The Knight of Pentacles is an appropriate card for this moment. He is not the flashy show-off that the Knight of Wands is, and he isn’t prone to nip like the Knight of Swords. Rather, he steadily works in the fields, directing laborers and protecting them. In the same way, the Columbian ground squirrel acts as a sentinel toward his or her neighbors. While these pudgy rodents need to eat, groom and otherwise attend to daily activities, the largest portion of their waking time is spent sitting on a mound or other raised surface, keeping an eye out for trouble. If a threat is seen, an alarm goes out and everyone dashes for cover. Over time, this creates a setting where young ground squirrels can grow up, where everyone can have a chance to eat, and where, with luck, the entire colony can grow and be successful. But it all relies on some individuals taking on the mantle of the Knight of Pentacles, embodying diligence and patience.

And so I try to embody the same sense of patience and diligence. The Tarot of Bones has taken up a lot of my time these past five months, and while I don’t regret it, sometimes it can be tough to return to the pieces on the workbench when there are so many other art projects to work on. Like the ground squirrel, I take my breaks and care for myself. But then it’s back to the task at hand. At least what I’m doing is a lot more fun than sitting around keeping an eye out for hawks and coyotes!

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