A Few FAQs About the Tarot of Bones

I have been getting a few questions repeatedly over the past few months, so I thought I’d take a few moments to address them (again):

Are these just temporary arrangements of bones and other materials?

No, these are permanent assemblage pieces. Part of why this is such an expensive endeavor is because I can’t re-use the materials, and I’m putting together almost eighty of these pieces.

Are those real bones?

Yes. You can read more about my choice to use bones here, and more about my commitment to use eco-friendly materials in general here.

Will the Tarot of Bones be available for purchase, or did I miss my window with the close of the IndieGoGo campaign?

Yes, it will be for sale, and no, I am not intending it to be a limited edition. I anticipate my first print run for the deck will be 1,000 (250 of them are already claimed by IndieGoGo supporters) and once those run out I’ll have another batch printed up. I am planning to release the book through CreateSpace, which uses print on demand technology, so I won’t run out of them. You will have the option to buy either the deck and book together or separately.

When will the Tarot of Bones be released?

My production schedule has a Summer 2016 release date. Right now I am almost two months ahead of schedule with the assemblages; however, this does not necessarily mean the set will be released early.

How much will it cost?

I am not sure yet. My early bird pre-order prices were very low, as a way to get people to adopt early (which they did, with much enthusiasm!) I am currently working with an estimate I got from the deck printer back in March; I will have to get an updated estimate next spring when I am preparing to have the deck printed up. As for the book, we’ll see if CreateSpace’s rates stay steady between now and then.



2 thoughts on “A Few FAQs About the Tarot of Bones

  1. Mimi says:

    Your work here is truly stunning.i read tarot for years, but dteirfd away..your amazing art draws me back!please consider publishing this deck

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