A Tiny Wheel Rolls Across the Land


I am getting ready to leave town to visit family, but I wanted to get one more assemblage done before I headed out. And so I came up with an assemblage using the TEENIEST little skull in the set, a resin replica ruby-throated hummingbird measuring just over 1″ long. I didn’t have a backboard small enough for it, so I ended up using a sand dollar I got at a thrift shop. I painted the five-pointed star on the shell with the colors of a hummingbird’s feathers, symbolizing the swiftly beating wings and the Wheel’s changeable nature. Silver and gold decorations mark designated points around the circle of the year, reminding us that this card is all about cycles. This also ties in with the hummingbird’s yearly migrations, sometimes lasting thousands of miles before the little creature reaches its destination. These cycles are crucial to the species’ survival, and even though they may bring hardship eventually the wintering site or the nesting site will be reached, and rest can happen.

(Did I mention the skull replica is TINY?)

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