The Hierophant Calls Out to the Herd


Just finished up my first assemblage for August, the Hierophant. This one took more time due to multiple layers of materials and adhesives, but I’m really, really happy with the outcome. The javelina skull may seem like an unusual choice. However, these little peccaries live in tightly-knit communities that the Hierophant would appreciate; they even frequently anoint each other with their scent glands. But they’re not mindless followers. Each javelina must sharpen its own tusks, after all!

This time of year is exactly why I worked so hard to get myself ahead of schedule on these assemblages. I only have twenty left, plus the Happy Squirrel, but there are also only twenty weeks left in the year, and I’m thick in the middle of festival season. So I don’t have as much time for the assemblages as I’d like, but I am able to still keep up on them. With luck and persistence I’ll be able to stick to the production schedule and have all the assemblages completed by the end of the year.

2 thoughts on “The Hierophant Calls Out to the Herd

  1. Rachel says:

    Nice! And on the FIFTH of the month! Interesting!

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