I’m BACK–With the Queen of Pentacles!


Hoo boy–the last few weeks have been seriously challenging! I knew festival season would be busy, but I have had a LOT of work to do outside of the Tarot of Bones even beyond that, and I’ve spent entirely too much time away from my studio space. However, I’m back to work on the Tarot of Bones, and would like to present the Queen of Pentacles, the 65th assemblage for this deck. The opossum may seem like a surprising choice for this card; however, this animal is a wonderful mother, keeping her babies safe in a belly pouch until they’re too big, and caring for them after as well.

I still fully intend to complete the rest of the assemblages by the end of the year; including the Happy Squirrel there are fourteen left, and ten weeks left in the year. That means completing one a week, plus work on another. I think I’ll be fine, and I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.

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