Hey, I Need Your Help! (Yes, You!)

Hey, all–I need your help and feedback!

Last spring I had a wildly successful IndieGoGo campaign (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-tarot-of-bones) that raised funds for the substantial cost for the materials I needed to create the assemblages, and cover some additional expenses like paying a graphic artist for the card back art, buying the books to fulfill campaign perks, and starting to stock up on shipping materials.

While over 200 people supported the first IndieGoGo campaign, there were a lot of folks who were unable to do so at the time, or who didn’t hear about it until after the campaign was over. So I’m running another campaign in February-March 2016; this will give folks another chance to preorder the Tarot of Bones deck and book at a lower cost. It will also help me cover the rest of the funding I’ll need to print the deck and book, to pay for perks for both campaigns, and shipping all of the above once the deck and book are out. IndieGoGo is not my only source of funding for this project, but it helps a great deal!

I’ve created this quick survey right here so you can tell me which perks you’d like to see me offer this time around. IndieGoGo only allows twenty perks, and I want to make sure the ones I offer are ones YOU want to have (plus leave room for a few expansions and international-only options as needed). You can also make suggestions for perks not listed here; however, keep in mind that IndieGoGo only lets you choose one perk at a time, so having a bunch of add-ons like “one pouch” will take up perk space very quickly. Packages including the deck and book in addition to other goodies are a better option.

Thank you for your time; your feedback will help me make the Tarot of Bones 2016 IndieGoGo campaign even better!

And please reblog/share to help me get more responses!

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