Have a Chat with the Page of Swords


When I was first deciding what animals would represent the Court cards, one bird came to mind for the Page of Swords: the raven. Often typecast as a dark, scary being in animal-based tarot sets, frequently playing the part of the Devil, I thought this intelligent, playful bird deserved a chance for a more light-hearted role in my deck. The Page of Swords can be a real chatterbox, quick-minded and full of ideas. Ravens, similarly, can cause quite a ruckus, and with their keen observation of the world and ability to learn fast, they’re some of the most adaptable critters out there. Reversed, this card means all talk and no action, and it would be a poor specimen of raven-hood who only croaked in the face of a problem and didn’t follow it up with some solution

This is, of course, a resin replica of a raven skull since the real deal isn’t legal to own. Also, uniquely among the Court cards he keeps his jaw intact rather than separate, since speech is such a crucial part of what makes him himself. The skull is turned to the side to show off his “blade”, though.

We’re up to 72 cards now–just seven left including the Happy Squirrel! Can I finish them all by the end of the year? Wait and see!

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