I Told You There’d Be a Happy Squirrel!


So. Back when I ran my IndieGoGo campaign in the spring, one of the stretch goals was that I would create a Happy Squirrel card for the Tarot of Bones. We met that goal, and so I added the card into the list of assemblages to create. An in-joke among tarot readers, the Happy Squirrel originated from an early episode of The Simpsons, but has found its way into more than one deck–including the Tarot of Bones! The card has come to represent the “vague and mysterious” elements of tarot–more specifically, the fact that nothing is set and stone and even the most on-point reading is affected by subjective factors. Reversed, it may mean that you’re putting too much emphasis on the outcome of your reading and need to diversify your outlook.

The articulated squirrel skeleton is by the good folks at Custom Cranium, who also articulated the snake skeleton for the Magician. Also, I have three assemblages left, two of which are this close to being done–we’re coming down to the wire here!

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