The King of Pentacles Promises 2016 Prosperity!


Here’s the King of Pentacles–at nearly four feet high it’s the biggest assemblage for the Tarot of Bones! I ended up using an Ikea tabletop a neighbor had left out by the trash this summer as the backboard, and yes, I had a LOT of fun painting it up. I’m hoping this old bison can bring some prosperity to the new year–and hopefully other positive changes as well. This animal was, and still is, incredibly important to many indigenous cultures of the American Plains, each animal providing food, hide and bones that could carry a community for weeks, if not months. The slaughter of the bison was meant to destroy these cultures, and so the reversed King of Pentacles reflects that greed and excess.

Just one…more…assemblage…left! I’m a bit behind on it, as I had some engineering issues I’ll discuss later, but I should have no trouble sticking to my promise to have all the assemblages done by the end of 2015. So close!

4 thoughts on “The King of Pentacles Promises 2016 Prosperity!

  1. Dianne Luark Ross says:

    Quite, very, handsome. It is perhaps wrong to say you have to live where beef is celebrated as a food healthy for those with anemia, as I do. I *love* this card. I stop on the side of the rural roads to adore, in awe, the handsome bulls in Texas pastures. It is as though the bull knows he is being admired. Thank you for your gorgeous imagination, and the really fine art. What is the future of your deck?

  2. Torhalla says:

    I’m so excited for this. This reminds me of Mautzi’s (my high school boyfriend’s grandmother) paintings. She was such a cool woman.

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