The Assemblages Are Being Photographed!


My friend, Sandra Buskirk, is taking over the photography duties for the Tarot of Bones since my photography skills aren’t up to snuff for print-quality images. You can see her in her workspace in my Portland apartment; the assemblage you see upright on the table is actually “Blight: Five of Swords”, a pre-Tarot of Bones piece that was part of the inspiration for this project. By the end of tonight I should have a dazzling array of photos of all the assemblages for the Tarot of Bones, which means in the next few weeks I’ll be able to start doing the layout and image editing necessary to make them ready to print!

In the meantime, if you’d like to help make sure I can get the Tarot of Bones out as scheduled this summer, now’s a fantastic time to back the Tarot of Bones Spring IndieGoGo campaign, which ends this Saturday, April 30! You can preorder the deck and book at a discounted rate, and get all sorts of other awesome perks. And if we hit the $5,000 goal before the campaign ends I’ll let all the campaign backers in on an exclusive How To Use the Tarot of Bones video class once the decks and books have been shipped out. Head on over here to back the campaign today!

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