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Hi, everyone!

Now that I am back home from PSG, I am plugging away again on the layout for the Tarot of Bones book, and I’m getting REALLY close to the point where I can make a private test printing to make sure everything looks good in print (no, the book is not going to print yet, I’ll keep you posted!)

Which brings me to the main point of this update: PLEEEEEEASE check your email if you haven’t already!!!!!!

Late last night I sent everyone an email with the current list of names that will be included in the thank you section in the book and the website. It is really important to me that I get that list of names correct, and I need your feedback on your name! This includes:

–Making sure names are spelled correctly

–Making sure people who want alternate names added in instead of their legal names have the alternate name in there

–Making sure I remove the names of anyone who doesn’t want their name in the list at all

–Making sure that those who ONLY want their name in the book OR the website, not both, have their wishes respected and the names put in the correct place

I’ve always gotten a flurry of responses, and I’ve updated the final list with what I have so far. I’m vending an event this weekend and then will continue the changes next week when I’m back in studio. Once I have caught up on responses received over the next few days I will email y’all again with the updated list to be sure everything is copacetic. AND you will likely get one more triple-check email before the book goes to print and the names go up on the website. I want to be very sure everyone’s privacy and preferred names are respected.

In other news, Sandra, the kick-ass photographer who took photos of the Tarot of Bones assemblages, has gotten over half of the pictures through post-production! Once I have the book layout done, I’ll start sifting through those in detail and then I can get started on card layout. It’ll be a bit of a learning curve as I’ve never done card layout, but I have decent skills with GIMP 2.0 and the printer I’m going to work with for the cars has a great tech department happy to answer my questions. I’m still on schedule to get the deck and book out by the end of Summer 2016, and as always I will keep you posted. You can always send questions to lupa.greenwolf(at) 🙂

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