One Step Closer…

*deeeeeep breath* Okay, so I’m one step closer to having this project in the bag! Friday my sweetie and I made a boomerang trip up to Seattle to take the last few assemblages to my ever-kickass photographer, Sandra, so they could be photographed. (There were bonus kitties and ferrets, too!)

Anyway, the pics turned out spectacularly, as is expected, and all that needs to be done is for her to do post-production on those last few. I should hopefully have them this week, at which point I can sit down and do the layout on the last few cards. After that, I’ll need to go over the files one more time to make sure they’re all flawless (no typos, etc.), and then re-save the .xcf files to .psd, and get them sent to the printer!

I do have vending events coming up the next few weekends, plus I am prepping monthly goodies to send to my Patrons on Patreon in November,  plus my birthday is November 1 so I have the day off, so I *might* not make my “end of October” deadline right on the nose, but if it’s not done this week it’ll be done very soon after. I’m too damned close to let this slide now!

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