One More Tiny Milestone

I haven’t yet received the physical proofs of the cards so I can green light the final printing, but I have been taking care of other tasks related to the Tarot of Bones while I wait. Tonight I finished the final layout for the book, to include adding in actual images of the cards in their respective entries instead of the placeholders I used for the mockup a couple months ago.

Have I mentioned I HATE doing book layout? I mean, I can do it, and used to do it professionally. But it is one of my least favorite things in the world, up there with doing my taxes and waking up to an alarm. I don’t have any fancy-schmancy software, just Microsoft Word, which can actually do a lot for not being a dedicated layout program. But it’s a bit squirrelly, and making one minor change can foul up everything downstream, which means going back through and adjusting spacing and images and so forth. UGH.

But it’s done, and even though I have no doubt someone will find formatting errors, I’ve gotten rid of the vast majority of them. So you’ll just have to use a more finely-toothed comb. Nyah 🙂

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