Tarot of Bones Preorders Are Available!

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Hey, all! Exciting news here! The printed proofs for the Tarot of Bones just arrived–despite the poor lighting in the photos, I can tell you that they look AWESOME! This means I’ve given the printer the go-ahead to print the deck, and I can upload the book files to CreateSpace.

It also means that preorders are officially open!!! The deck, and both paperback book and ebook, are all available here in the Tarot of Bones shop. I do have both U.S. and international shipping options available; however, for the moment the only international option is a flat rate priority padded envelope. Once I get the deck and book and can get a final package weight and dimensions, I will be able to customize shipping options for closer countries like Canada who may have lower, non-priority rates.

I also need to mention again that preorders will be shipped AFTER I’ve shipped the several hundred orders from the 2015 and 2016 IndieGoGo campaigns. I am not 100% sure when the decks will arrive here; likely in late January to early February. So if you preorder, your package may not arrive until early March, but I will endeavor to get it out as soon as I possibly can. I’ve already asked a few friends to help me with the shipping process and get everything done more quickly, and as always I will keep you all posted. Thank you 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tarot of Bones Preorders Are Available!

  1. Torhalla says:

    They look awesome .
    It must be so cool/gratifying to be so close to the finish line.

  2. Archturiat says:

    I can’t wait to get mine!!!

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