Tarot of Bones Daily Draw

Today’s card (from the printed proofs I cut apart) is the Knight of Swords. Today you may be feeling full of energy and boldness, ready to take on the world! Be careful when riding this wave; there’s the risk of being too hasty and getting into trouble. However, with the right focus you can use this energy toward more constructive means. What can you do to make the world better with all your strength and power?

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2 thoughts on “Tarot of Bones Daily Draw

  1. H says:

    I have always felt this card is the essence of me…I will ask myself to SLOooooW DOooooWN today, not be hasty, and listen carefully for the constructive move to make itself known. Sometimes the most constructive move is not moving anything at all:)

    • lupa says:

      “Sometimes the most constructive move is not moving anything at all:)”

      Agreed 100%! Though like you sometimes I find it tough *not* to act.

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