The Tarot of Bones Companion Book is here!

Do you know what that is? That is FIVE HUNDRED COPIES of the Tarot of Bones Companion Book! (Well, okay, 499, because I took one for myself.) The stack of boxes on the right is about four feet high. Over 200 of them are already spoken for via the IndieGoGo campaigns and other preorders, but that means there are still plenty left (and I can always order more.) You can order the Tarot of Bones deck and book (together or separately) at

The decks are supposed to arrive sometime in the middle of February; once they do, I can start packing and shipping IndieGoGo orders and preorders! I do have PantheaCon in the middle of the month, and the decks are supposed to arrive just before I leave, which may affect when I’m able to start shipping, but as soon as I am home I’ll be focusing primarily on those efforts.


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