Do you know what this pile of boxes is? It’s about 500 Tarot of Bones decks! Yes, those are some of the decks on the top of the cardboard there. They arrived earlier this week, and there are another twenty-ish boxes stashed back in Portland. I just got back to the studio yesterday evening, and I’ve been so exhausted from traveling to, being at, and coming home from PantheaCon (to include narrowly avoiding flooding in California and snow and rockslides in the Siskiyou Pass) that I just didn’t have the energy to post last night.

So this means that I’ll start packing up decks and books in the next few days; I am still waiting on some printed perks to arrive like prints and shirts, so it’s going to take me a few weeks to get everything sent out, especially as this is mostly a one-Lupa operation here. Again, I’m planning to ship out IndieGoGO orders first, and then website preorders. Also, I do need to keep a few balls rolling along to get rent and bills paid (all the money from Tarot of Bones preorders is going into defraying expenses, as I haven’t yet broken even, but we’re getting there!) So it’s going to be a matter of working on packing and shipping Tarot stuff, then going to work on something else for a while, and also being at a couple of events (Northwest Tarot Symposium, and Mythic Worlds) during March.

But I’m excited to get these out to you FINALLY, and I will email people as their packages are sent out. Please be patient, and keep your eyes peeled here for updates 🙂 And if you haven’t yet ordered your Tarot of Bones, get yours at

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