A Quick IndieGoGo Shipping Update

Hiya, folks! I wanted to check in real quick with a shipping update.

First, thanks to everybody who stopped by the Green Wolf booth at the Northwest Tarot Symposium last weekend to pick up your goodies! Some of you I’d already met, but some were fresh, new faces, and it was really awesome to get to meet a few of my backers in person 🙂 I honestly wish I could thank all of you face to face, but I’ll settle for a small handful who were close enough by and whose schedules allowed a visit.

Second, I am prepping the next round of packages to go out. A bit of transparency: My life is ridiculously complicated right this moment–in addition to Tarot of Bones stuff, I am also getting new assignments and readings every week in my Oregon Master Naturalist class, I’m co-writing an ecotherapy curriculum that I’ll be co-teaching next month, I’m working on the packages for my Patrons on Patreon this month, and I’m preparing to vend MythicWorlds weekend after this one. Oh, and also getting ready for having my taxes done, which always takes a couple of days to prep for (whee, self-employment and receipt wrangling!) This in addition to keeping up with my training/workouts at the local dojo, answering emails, doing the Tarot of Bones daily draw, and also sometimes eating and sleeping 😉 It’ll ease up as I knock tasks off my to-do list.

However–I’m getting some help next week! My partner is coming to visit me at the studio for a couple of days early next week, and I’ll be voluntelling him to help me get some packages taken care of. A lot of the packing process is full of picky little details that only I can attend to, but I can at least get him putting stuff into envelopes and taping shipping labels to said envelopes.

Finally, a note on perks: I have completed all the plain leather pouches that will be sent out to those who pledged for them. However, I have not yet had a chance to get into the more complex custom pouches some of you requested, or the art made with leftover bones and bits from Tarot of Bones assemblage work. I’m hoping to get going on those in the last bit of March. Also, regarding t-shirts and prints, I’ve been ordering samples from a couple of different printers because I wanted to be sure I was happy with the result, and I *think* I’ve finally got a combination of file and printer that I like. So I’ll be placing orders for shirt and print perks and should be able to start mailing those out by early April.

Thank you folks for your patience as I continue in the Great Work of mailing all this stuff out!

2 thoughts on “A Quick IndieGoGo Shipping Update

  1. Dianne Luark Ross says:

    You are an awesome woman. Best to you!

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