Tarot of Bones Daily Draw – 3-7-17

Today’s Tarot of Bones daily draw is the Nine of Pentacles, reversed. Okay, folks–this is the second time in the past month this card has popped up like this. Are you folks having trouble scaling back your workload, and dealing with burnout and other effects of workaholicism? Well, KNOCK IT OFF! I know it’s Monday, which is the start of the work week for a lot of you. That means it’s a fresh start–and a great time to incorporate change into your life. Let this be the week where you shift your workload a little more in your favor, by which I mean you don’t let it rule your life so much. Keep your eye on the deadlines, of course, but make a real effort today to take a little time out to recuperate, even if that’s a few minutes of quiet meditation at your desk, or taking the scenic route home, or taking a bit of a walk once you arrive home. Commit to doing something at least five minutes long that has nothing to do with work or other obligations. And then commit to it again tomorrow. And Wednesday. And after that, too!

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