The Tarot of Bones Now on Etsy!

Great news! In addition to the official Tarot of Bones shop, you can now also buy the Tarot of Bones deck and book on my Etsy shop! This is great for those of you who prefer that particular platform. In fact, the Tarot of Bones is now available on several of your favorite online spaces:

The official Tarot of Bones shop

My Etsy Shop

My eBay Store

My Storenvy Shop

Amazon: Deck and Book

All of these, of course, are fulfilled by me. If you buy from the shop on the Tarot of Bones site, I don’t have to pay any listing or sales fees, just Paypal; all the other platforms require additional fees. However, I know it’s more convenient for some of you to use these other platforms, so take your pick! And yes, your book will be signed regardless of which platform you buy it through.

Thank you 🙂


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