Want Tarot of Bones T-shirts, Prints and More?

The Tarot of Bones Redbubble shop is officially open! You can get Tarot of Bones card art on a variety of items from clothing to prints to bags and more. Right now the shop has the six cards that were featured in the two IndieGoGo campaigns–Empress, Hierophant, Magician, Justice, Ace of Pentacles and Two of Pentacles–but I’ll be adding the rest over the weeks to come.

All Redbubble orders will be fulfilled by that company; they will not be shipped by me. You can still buy the Tarot of Bones deck and book, as well as Tarot of Bones readings, directly from me at the Tarot of Bones website shop. And if you would like to see the deck and book in your local metaphysical shop or bookstore, direct the owner/buyer to my wholesale information page.

And just as a reminder–this is a 100% self-published endeavor, so every purchase helps an individual artist/author keep the bills paid 🙂

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