Buy the Tarot of Bones, Get Skull Scrying Free!

So I reordered fifty copies of my self-published booklet, Skull Scrying: Animal Skulls in Divinatory Trance, and they just arrived on my doorstep. I’d like to see them go to some good new homes, so I’m running a limited-time offer! If you buy The Tarot of Bones deck and book set here on my website between now and the end of Saturday, December 16, I’ll send you a copy of Skull Scrying at no additional cost.

This ONLY applies to orders of the deck AND the book, and only those made from the Tarot of Bones website, not Etsy or eBay or Amazon. If you just want to buy a paperback or ebook copy of Skull Scrying, you can do so over here.

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