It’s Finally Happening!

I have some excellent news! I have been in talks with The Raven’s Wing, a wonderfully magickal shop in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, about hosting the one and only exhibit of all eighty Tarot of Bones original assemblages! We’re looking at one of the last two weekends of this upcoming July, and we’ll have more details once we’ve settled on the exact dates. Here’s what we’re planning:

–All of the assemblages will be on display to the public, free of charge, for the entire weekend that we choose.

–The assemblages will be for sale! Yes, this will be THE first chance since the IndieGoGo campaigns to purchase one of the original art pieces for the Tarot of Bones. (They’ll go for sale online only after the show is done.)

–There’ll be workshops taught by yours truly, to include both a free beginner’s class on the basics of the Tarot of Bones (where it came from, why and how I created it, the very basics of using it) and a more in-depth paid class on how to get the most out of your Tarot of Bones set.

–You can also schedule a Tarot of Bones reading with me!

Sound like fun? I think so! And again, this will be the ONLY time all eighty assemblages will be on public display together. As soon as we settle on which of the last two weekends in July we’re going with, you can mark your calendar.

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