Tarot of Bones Daily Draw – 7-17-18

Today’s Tarot of Bones daily draw is the Tower, reversed. I know you don’t want to watch the current state of things fall apart, but fall apart they must. The old is worn out and tired, and it’s time for the new to be born from its ashes. It’s not going to be the most pleasant process, I’m afraid, but keep your eyes focused on the future, when you have the opportunity to rebuild something better and stronger from what’s left of the past.

The Tarot of Bones Art Exhibit and Workshops will be July 21-22, 2018 in Portland, OR! This will be the only time all 80 original assemblages are on public display together. Details at https://thetarotofbones.com.

You can order the Tarot of Bones deck and book, or purchase a Tarot of Bones reading, at https://thetarotofbones.com/shop/ – and yes, even if you don’t have a Paypal account you CAN use the Paypal option to pay with a debit or credit card!

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