2019 Twelve-Month Readings!

As the new year approaches, this is a great time to get a twelve-month Tarot of Bones reading! Each card will explore some of the themes for each month of 2019. I will be starting readings this evening, so the sooner you reserve your spot the closer to the change of the year you’ll be. Readings are $60 each and your results will be emailed to you. Here’s how to reserve your spot:

–Paypal $60 to lupa.greenwolf@gmail.com – make sure you include an email address where I can send your reading results.

–Email lupa.greenwolf@gmail.com with any questions, specific topics or focuses you’d like in your reading (I can also just do a general reading and we can see what pops up!)

I have been practicing divination since 1996, and have had thousands of satisfied clients. This is a chance to get an idea of some of the potential patterns thay may unfold this year, and some ideas on how to prepare yourself. (As always, this is not medical or psychological advice, for entertainment purposes only, insert other small print here, yadda yadda.)

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