No Little White Book? No Problem!

This is just your periodic reminder that the Tarot of Bones deck does not have a Little White Book in it. The LWB is found in a lot of tarot decks and it includes very basic meanings for the cards. In an attempt to cut down on paper, I opted not to include one. Instead, you can find all the basic card meanings, both upright and reversed, free of charge at

You can also view photos of the original assemblages used in creating the Tarot of Bones. And you can even find out which originals are available for purchase! For all this information, click on the thumbnail for the card you’re looking at. You’ll see the pictures, first, then either a link to where the original is for sale or the statement “Original Assemblage SOLD” if it’s already found a new home. After that are the dimensions and other info about the assemblage, and the basic meanings for the cards. Simple as that!

If you decide you want more elaborate interpretations of the cards to study, consider picking up a copy of The Tarot of Bones Companion Book in either paperback or ebook format from the official Tarot of Bones shop at

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