Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 7-23-20

While I love working with the Tarot of Bones, I do other forms of bone divination too! Every so often I’ll swap in one of these alternate divination forms so you can see how they work. You’re welcome to ask questions if you like.

Tooth: While we often think of teeth as tools of aggression, they may also groom, pick through food, and carry young gently from place to place. As the tooth is within the Fall quadrant, it is a good time to gather together the tools you need to prepare for the future. A lot is up in the air, and the more resources you have available to you, the better off you’ll be.

Vertebra: The vertebra in the Winter quadrant is a very good indicator that it’s a good time to be hanging onto your resources. You don’t have to be a complete miser; if there’s someone who needs help and you’re in a place to assist, go ahead and give something. And you can occasionally splurge for yourself; just don’t go hog wild! Whether those resources are money, energy, or time, be careful and balanced.

Rib: The rib is crossing over from the Summer Quadrant to the Fall Quadrant. You should be prepared for potential emotional upheaval, a slide from better times into tougher realms. It’s not surprising; we’re all in a very challenging point in our lives together. And even when you feel basically okay, it’s alright if there’s some stress, anxiety or depression around the edges. Just do your best to remember that Summer will come again, and the sun will continue to shine.

Long Bone: This bone landed firmly in the Spring quadrant, which suggests now may be a very good time to be looking for new opportunities. Have you been thinking about looking for a new job? Making new friends (even if their socially distanced)? Trying a new hobby? Give yourself a chance to change things up in your life for the better!

Overview: As the world deals with a devastating pandemic, and authority threatens to crush human rights, we must be prepared to deal with the chaos we are already in and which we will continue to work through in the months and years to come. By being wise but not stingy with resources (and knowing what those resources are in the first place), looking for new possibilities, and taking care of your emotional health, you stand a better chance of getting through this, if not unscathed, then at least in a better position than you would have if unprepared.

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