Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 8-20-20

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: The Tooth is firmly in Spring, but with an eye toward Summer. I know Spring seems like a hopeful time, but the hardships aren’t over just yet. Your job is to be the reminder that we still need to be prudent and careful until we’re on more stable ground. It’s not always easy being the harbinger of caution, particularly when everyone is so ready for positive change, but success relies on patience.

Vertebra: The good news is that with this bone just crossing over into Summer, things are falling into place for that positive change to occur. It’s a delicate balance, because some factors are still in limbo and could go either way. If we aren’t going to fall back toward Winter’s harshness and Spring’s lean times, then we need to use what resources we have wisely, and plan for the future that we aren’t yet in.

Rib: This bone being in Spring says that there’s hope in the air, yes, but also fatigue. Flowers are the language of potential, but nothing is promised. If the pollinators are few, or the rains don’t arrive, or the plant is trampled beneath the hooves of some large animal, then there will be no fruit this year. Hope for the best, yes, but also be realistic about the risks. For those who have been through a dire winter and who are exhausted, including emotionally, this hope may be their last chance. They are the ones who need support the most, and for us to not blow this opportunity.

Long Bone: This bone is crossing from Winter into Spring. It’s the last leg of the race, yes, but it’s the hardest, because so much has been used up by now, and Summer’s fruits are still a long way away. Proceed with caution, be steady but not foolhardy. A good pace is better than a burnout sprint. If we can find a good balance we’ll make it okay; we just have to keep it consistent. That may be a tall order, though.

Overview: Spring is lovely, spring is fine, but it is only the possibility of Summer, not the fruition. Our goal needs to be to continue the caution we had in the Winter. We can express joy and relief at the warmer temperatures, while understanding that we must still coast on the resources of the past as things are just getting started for what’s to come. But if we are wise, we will make it through; we just have to trust that everyone involved will make the right choices.

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