Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 8-5-20

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: Solidly in Winter, the Tooth indicates this is a time to be sitting back and digesting what you’ve already taken in. Look back at everything that has happened to bring you to where you are now. What decisions have you made that were in your favor? Which ones could have been handled better? Meditate on that, and where you might do better in the future. Don’t beat yourself up, though, or fall into bitterness and regret. Just focus on sorting things out into “This worked, that didn’t.”

Vertebra: This is not a good time to be throwing your resources around willy-nilly. Since the Vertebra is fully in Winter, it’s best if you were very careful with what you have, working to make it last. You don’t know for sure when the next windfall may happen, and you don’t want to run out of whatever you need to keep going. Don’t starve yourself. Just be sensible in your choices.

Rib: this bone is mostly in Winter, but just starting to peek into Spring. Allow yourself some hope for a brighter, more fruitful future, for Winter won’t last forever. It doesn’t mean that you should just throw caution to the wind. You still need to be careful, and remember that this is a risky time. But allow yourself that spark of light in the future to guide you forward.

Long Bone: Like the Rib, the Long Bone is also mostly in Winter, but a little into Spring. Start getting yourself motivated to create positive change in your life. You can try planning out ideas, daydreaming, even making a few inquiries with people and other entities who may be able to help you in future endeavors. Don’t make any hasty moves; as with the Rib, you’re still in a time of stasis and cautiousness. But it’s okay to let yourself get excited about possibilities.

Overview: Now is not the time to make big sweeping changes. You need to keep things steady for now, and use as few resources as possible. Play it cautious, but not unreasonably so. However, it’s okay to balance that out with some thoughts and ideas for a better future, even if there’s not a whole lot you can do about it right now. That hope will keep you buoyed even though rough waters, and perhaps someday soon enough you’ll get to see where that light in the distance is coming from.

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