Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 10-1-20

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: The Tooth in Spring suggests that now is a really good time to figure out how to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you’re going to start a new cycle in your life (even if it’s just a small change) you want to be able to shuck off anything that you don’t need or that will be holding you back. Don’t be chaotic about it, though; instead, be deliberate and mindful. Chase away thoughts of sentimentality for its own sake, but also don’t excise things you enjoy just because you want to remove dead weight. You want to go for quality, not quantity.

Vertebra: Here in Summer, the Vertebra urges us to focus on growth and maintain what is strong and supportive. Hand-in hand with what the Tooth says, if something is working well, don’t get rid of it! Be cautious about changing things that are already pretty functional, too. You don’t want to upset the balance and lose a good resource. Instead, let any changes to what supports you be done in such a way that if a change doesn’t work, you can just undo it and go back to the way things were before you try something else new.

Rib: This bone is also in Summer, with the Vertebra directly on top of it. As the other bones so far have suggested, it’s best to let practicality take precedence over emotions right now. It’s not that you aren’t allowed to feel things, but don’t let those feelings direct your decisions. Instead, find a safe space to work through your emotions and really examine how they motivate you so that they don’t come up from underneath and sabotage your efforts by blinding you to the reality of things.

Long Bone: This bone is in Fall, just about to head into Winter. Your end goal in all this activity should be to prepare for hard times ahead, even if they aren’t exactly on the horizon. The more streamlined your life is, the more agile you’ll be and therefore the more able to adapt to changes as they happen. Sometimes that means having to weather difficulties; however, it also means being able to grab hold of new positive opportunities as they arise.

Overview: This reading is focused on preparing for the future, and making sure that you’re able to respond to changes as they occur. By relieving yourself of the burden of things (physical and otherwise) you no longer need or, worse, weight you down, you’re going to do yourself a huge favor on a lot of levels. Better yet, that opens up space for good new things to come into your life, or at the very least make you less cumbersome when you’re responding to challenges. Just don’t let your emotions panic you into tossing away good things or hanging onto unhealthy ones that you’re too attached to. Be kind to yourself and your heart, but act practically.

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