Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 10-28-20

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set! (With a little extra help from my assistant, Pikka–smile for the camera, Pikka!)

Tooth: The Tooth (which is under Pikka’s paw) fell firmly in Fall. Your communication with others should be to urge them to make the most of any windfalls and other resources they have access to, especially if things are going well. This doesn’t mean spend it all, but rather to tuck something into savings, or to invest in something that will be of more value in the future. This is especially important within your own household or other entities where you have some influence, because if you can see trouble in the future, even if it hasn’t begun to manifest, that will make you more prepared for it when it does arrive. Be a vocal advocate for preparedness and looking forward!

Vertebra: This bone was originally in Fall, but Pikka insisted that it be moved to Winter for a more accurate reading. This suggests that matters out of your hands may force things into a more difficult position. You may experience a sudden loss of income, or illness may rob someone of their ability to work and otherwise function for a while. No matter how comfortable we may feel, there is always the element of chance that can take you from comfortable to chaotic in a heartbeat.

Rib: This bone landed in Winter, and I think this is a really good indicator that you need to give your emotions some rest. That doesn’t mean to shut them down, of course. But this has been an incredibly difficult year, and lots of people are feeling pretty frazzled by now. Make some space in your home or somewhere else easily accessible where you can recuperate and relax as best as you can. Allow yourself time to engage in activities that you really enjoy and that are low-pressure. If you are in therapy, make sure you and your therapist are doing work around supporting you as you work through any emotional upsets that may come up in your sessions. This is a time to let the fields lie fallow, not dig up new roots.

Long Bone: Another bone that landed in Fall, this suggests that you are still in a prime position to be taking action for preparedness. This is good, because it means you can make the most of any opportunity that comes your way. Allow yourself to celebrate those opportunities, because they may be thin on the ground in the future.

Overview: We none of us know what each day will bring. We may be going about our business just fine, and then the hand–or paw–of Fate slams down and knocks everyone off kilter. Your job is to be openly advocating for preparing for that possibility. Don’t be paranoid about it, of course, but recognize that change is the only constant, and a long, harsh Winter could be around the corner at any moment. be ready for it, and you could find yourself in a much better place during the storm than many.

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