CORRECTION: Tarot of Bones Daily Draw – 11-21-20

(Sorry about the double post–I had a typo in the first one I sent out, thanks in part to an unpleasant headache. Here’s the corrected version 🙂 –Lupa )

Today’s Tarot of Bones daily draw is the Nine of Cups. Next week is Thanksgiving in the US, and while the origins of the holiday are less wonderful than we learned in school, this is still a good time to take a moment for some gratitude. 2020 has been an absolutely craptastic year for a lot of people and for a lot of reasons, and we’re certainly entitled to some room to be unhappy or stressed. But I’d also like to remind you that one of the best ways to keep from going down into a doom spiral is to spend some time focusing on anything and everything that’s going right. It may not always seem like much, but it’s a break from only focusing on what’s going wrong. Do your best to shift your attention for a while, and be thankful for the people, places and things you do have in your life.

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