Pocket Osteomamcy Daily Draw – 12-10-20

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: The tooth is crossing over from Summer into Fall. This suggests a maturity in your skills and knowhow, as well as how to communicate them to others. You’ve had plenty of time to practice and refine what you’re able to accomplish, and it’s about to pay off if you can just hold the course. Now obviously what that looks like will depend on a lot of factors outside of your control, but be willing to speak up for yourself based on your experience.

Vertebra: Having just crossed the border into Fall, this bone is saying that you have the resources to be able to see some growth in your life. You did a lot of work to set things up, and now the time is ripe for you to be able to coast on that a while. It doesn’t mean there’s no work to do; a harvest always requires a lot of effort. But your endeavors will pay off more fully if you really go with the opportunities presented to you.

Rib: This one is just about to move from Summer into Fall. That suggests that your feelings are also ready for this expansion into new territory and challenges. You may not always feel 100% confident; that’s normal. But deep down, you wouldn’t be ready to amp things up if you didn’t feel you were capable. Trust your gut on this one; you can do it!

Long Bone: Uh-oh. This bone is in the middle of Winter. That says that something’s keeping you from actually moving on all the possibilities and advancement that the other three bones are talking about. So what’s in your way? It might be things outside of your control that you need to find a way around. Or….you could be your own worst enemy, in which case GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! Do whatever it takes to get the hurdles out of your path and get going already!

Overview: I think it’s pretty clear that you’re ready for a change, but there’s something blocking you. It’s imperative that you figure out what that something is, deal with it as quickly and efficiently as you can, and then get moving on your plans before the opening ahead of you closes up. You know you can do it; you just gotta put things into action.

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