Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 12-31-20

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: The Tooth is well into Winter, far ahead of the other bones. While you may feel pretty prepared for anything right now, you really need to be planning for the future and putting out feelers for possibilities that you’ll need in the months and even years ahead. After all, the resources you have now will only last so long, and change is the only constant, so it’s best to be ready for any contingency.

Vertebra: You may feel like you have a good handle on your everyday life, but there’s a lot that still needs time to grow, as the Vertebra in Summer suggests. And there’s no rushing the process, either, especially as you get closer to the conclusion. You don’t want things to be incomplete, because then they won’t be as stable. Be as patient as you’re able to be.

Rib: Your heart wants you to be comfortable and full of joy, and there’s nothing wrong with that! The Rib in Fall suggests emotional maturity and a readiness for good things. And those good things will come, if you just let them fall into place. This openness to plenty allows you to be receptive to the most positive things life has to offer; just make sure that your emotions don’t overrule your common sense.

Long Bone: Crossing over from Fall into Winter, this bone suggests that you may be moving into tougher times, hence your need to find security for the future. Tread carefully, but know that the work you have put into things will come to fruition. It’s just going to be a delicate balance between waiting for factors outside of your control to take their places, and making sure that you yourself are taken care of in the moment.

Overview: What a quandary! There’s where you are, and where you want to be, and all the space in between. It may be touch and go for a while until things shift more in your favor, but you have put a lot into motion. You’re just going to have to hang on and hope for the best while also planning for less desirable possibilities in the meantime. Just remember that no matter what happens, things will not always be this challenging.

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