Winter Solstice Skull Scrying – 12-21-20

Note: I have decided to start doing Skull Scrying readings for the Sabbats. These are generally readings I do privately, but the skulls decided some limited public readings would also be acceptable.

Today’s Winter Solstice Skull Scrying comes from Young Spotted Hyena. Here is what he had to say:

“This is a time for rejuvenation and renewal, a shiny new year as the Sun begins to return toward the north. And who better to share this energy than me? While I was young when I died, I never felt the creak of age in my bones or the seriousness of responsibility beyond that which is given to the young as we learn our ways of being. I am still to this day full of exuberance, curiosity, and naivete.

I invite you to shake off the dust of years and remember what moved you when you were younger. What drove you to explore the world? What interested you? Even when times were hard, what allowed you to remain a child, even for a while? There it is that you may find your solace. Let this new year be one where you rediscover passions and interests that you left to the wayside, even if they seem childish.

But also beware that I am a naive creature, not because I am not intelligent, but simply unworldly. I haven’t had the experience that others have. So when you are treading into new territory, listen to those who have been there before, whether they be your literal elders or not. Their guidance will help you stay safe along the way. This does not mean you should never ask questions, but do not be contrary for the sake of being a contrarian.

Welcome back to the Sun! Happy New Year!”

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