Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 1-22-21

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: The Tooth fell directly in the center of the cloth. That suggests that you’re having a difficult time making decisions. You may be confused and unsure of what to do, or you may have so many options that you feel overwhelmed. Or you may just not have enough confidence or knowledge to make a choice, good or bad. So before you do anything you’re going to have to clear your head and focus, first and foremost.

Vertebra: This bone has just crossed over into Spring. While it does mean that good changes are in the offing, they aren’t here yet, and you would be ill-advised to act as though everything is better now. You still need to maintain the course you’ve been taking, especially in light of the Tooth’s confusion, and perhaps even rein things in a little more just to be safe. You don’t want to find yourself falling off the side of the trail because you weren’t able to see where you were going.

Rib: This bone is in Summer. Your heart wants things to go well and be alright, and that’s understandable. You’re just going to have to understand that that ideal isn’t where reality is right at this moment. That’s no reason to give up hoping, though! You have good goals to work toward, and you should keep striving for them. You just need to be aware of the field you’re playing in and plan accordingly once things are a little clearer.

Long Bone: This bone is also in Spring. You’re motivated for change, and that’s good! But again, the Tooth is getting in the way. So just like I said with the Vertebra, maintain your current course of action, and perhaps play a little more cautiously until the situation around you becomes more favorable. At this point you’ve got enough to get through if you’re smart about it; just pace yourself and you’ll be fine.

Overview: There’s where you are, and where you want to be. The problem is that the course between the two is very murky indeed, and you really aren’t sure where the best path is. I also know there’s a lot you would love to leave behind and you’re eager for a fresh start. However, you’re in no condition to be making rash decisions right now. Stay the course, and stop to look around and get oriented if you need to. As your vision of the future becomes clearer you can pick up the pace some, but for now be really, really careful.

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