Imbolc Skull Scrying – 2-1-21

Note: I am now doing Skull Scrying readings for the Sabbats. These are generally readings I do privately, but the skulls decided some limited public readings would also be acceptable.

Today’s Imbolc Skull Scrying comes from Red Fox. Here is what he had to say:

“The days are lengthening, ever so slightly, but over time the difference adds up. We’ve made it through the first half of winter, and although it’s still cold and the greening is weeks away, yet life still stirs beneath the snow and damp. There is the promise of tomorrow even amid the chill of today.

Yet not all is dreary in the moment. Each day the sun rises is a chance for a new opportunity, some new scent to explore or bit of nourishment to enjoy. And we should give thanks that we are here in this moment, that we are able to experience food and light and the turning of the Earth, for many have lost their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with this world. Give them a thought in the darkness of the winter night, but breathe in the life-giving air and feel it fill your lungs, breath after breath. That is the most precious gift we receive, moment after moment.

Though your paws may be wet from the snow and the mud, and times may be lean, know that flowers wait beneath the surface. And you may still watch the light play upon the trunks of the trees, and feel the wind against your face. Revel in these sensations and more, and let the sun lengthen its time here with each passing day.

You, yourself, are the flame that burns bright until the spring returns!”

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