Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 2-3-21

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: The Tooth is in Spring, all by its lonesome. What’s making you hesitate? You have things you need to do, but your executive functioning may not be at 100% right now, even compared to your usual self. Is there something in particular that’s making it hard for you to focus? Are you afraid of what might happen? Whatever’s going on, you aren’t going to make much progress if you can’t get yourself off the starting line in the first place.

Vertebra: This bone is in Summer. You know the time is right to act. Things have fallen into place, and you have allies ready and waiting to help you. You have the safety net you need, and you know not to make rash decisions. You even have a good chance of improving your lot if you take advantage of the opportunity before you.

Rib: This bone is in Summer, just crossing over into Fall. Deep down you know that things will be okay if you take this chance, but there’s a bit of doubt that something could go wrong and you need to be prepared. While it’s okay to have a plan for the future, you can’t get to the future very well if you don’t address the present. And right now the present is full of potential that you so dearly want to be able to embrace! You just need to get over that “what if” fear.

Long Bone: This bone is in Fall. You’re behaving as though you’re about to go into a time of hardship and need. True, anything can happen, and emergencies do arise sometimes out of the blue. But if you only ever allow yourself to act defensively and reactively, you’re not going to be able to explore new territory unless you’re forced into it. So you really need to assess whether your behaviors really need to be this cautious.

Overview: What I’m seeing is a definite hesitancy that’s likely caused by some fear or other concern about the future, and unless you address it you’re going to miss out on what’s happening right now. There’s nothing wrong with having backup plans, but you’re so stuck on them that you’re letting the days pass by without really getting anything done. Stop letting the fear of “what could go wrong”–and whatever other mental blocks you’re dealing with–get in your way. Deal with them as best as you can, and then get going! There’s a lot out there waiting for you, if you just go to meet it!

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