Pocket Osteomancy Daily Draw – 3-12-21

Today’s reading is with my Pocket Osteomancy set!

Tooth: The Tooth is settled firmly in Summer; that means your planning and decisions should be all about growth. How can you can from where you are now to where you want tobe? How can you make the most of what you have right now, and use it to create a better future? You may have to get creative with your resources, especially if you’re operating on a shoestring, but there are ways to be savvy with what you have going forward.

Vertebra: This bone is in Fall, which suggests this is a good time to be setting something aside, again for the future. You’ve seen how tough things can get, and being prepared for challenges will make it easier for you to see them through. So if you get a windfall, or a chance to rest, or an offer for help, make the most of these opportunities that can help you recharge yourself (or your bank account) so that you’re better able to travel the road ahead.

Rib: This is another bone in Summer, closely paralleling the Tooth. Grow your connections to others! You know that thing about “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” Well, that doesn’t just go for overly ambitious MBAs trying to climb the ladder to the top. It also means something to those of us whose goals may be a little more humble, and who want to grow a stronger community as well as a stronger self. So if you haven’t had a chance to reach out to your friends and family in a while, take a little time to touch base. And although socializing can be tough in a pandemic, if you’re able to meet new people (even if it’s just online) take a chance and see who’s out there!

Long Bone: This bone is right in the center, crossing every quadrant except Fall. Your actions are going against you; you’ve been trying to do too much at once. Instead, what you need to do is rein things in, and really narrow down your activity to what’s going to help you most in the long run. That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have any fun (remember that message to recharge yourself?) Instead, look at places where you may be wasting your time and energy in fruitless, unhealthy activities, and instead redirect those personal resources to investing in yourself.

Overview: You matter a lot, more than you give yourself credit for. And right now is a great time to look to your future. I know there’s a lot going on in the world that can make the future seem grim; however, while you can’t control the entire world, you can control your own little piece of it. And that includes working to make it better and more sustainable for the future. You aren’t just doing this for yourself, though you are a worthy cause; you’re also making things better for your community. So spend some time figuring out what actions you can take, no matter how small, to work toward these positive, constructive goals.

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