Spring Equinox Skull Scrying – 3-21-21

Note: I am now doing Skull Scrying readings for the Sabbats. These are generally readings I do privately, but the skulls decided some limited public readings would also be acceptable.

Today’s Spring Equinox Skull Scrying comes from Red-eared Slider. Here is what she had to say:

“Is that a daffodil I see? Is the skunk cabbage blooming? The days grow longer over my weary bones; the sun shines warm on my old shell. I am weary, and cold from the long winter, and the nights are chill yet. I am not quite ready to rejoin the world.

I hear the promises of tomorrow, as they thrum through my skull and settle into my brain. But I am still aching from the winter rains that soaked my muddy burrow, and the wind still bites at my skin. And I know I am not alone in this. I know that things can change, should change, and will change. But when they have been hard for so long, it can be difficult to appreciate the glimmer of the sunrise on the horizon.

It is okay to feel tired still, even as the light shifts higher in the sky. It is alright to be hesitant to leave your shell when it seems the danger hasn’t quite passed. Not everyone is able to leap right back up after hardship. Take a while longer if you need it, because it is better to start moving forward when you are ready, rather than forcing yourself to smile when your face is still so cold you fear it may crack from the movement.

We know the sun rises, and we know the days lengthen, and the daffodils and skunk cabbage echo the yellow day. But for just a little while longer, we will rest, and recuperate, and turn over in our beds. Our shells are there for a reason, and though the hare may be the swiftest to hurry off, we chelonians will be there in our own good time.”

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